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Hair Extensions 

   We have been rated the TOP hair extension in Los Angeles. All hair extention appointments must be preceded by consultation. Our stylist will determine the best technique type of hair to use for a professional finish. 100% human hair in a variety of textures and colors is available. The following methods are used:

- Microchet Strands                          - Clip ons

 - I TIP Individual Strands                  - I TIP Full Head Wefts

 - One Step Individual Strands          - Skin Wefts

ALL PRICES may very on length & hair type. ALL bundles contain 30 strands of hair.

30                                                  2 Pieces per length

14" Hair |  TIP   $60                      Skin Left Sandwhich $30

16" Hair |  TIP   $75                      Skin Left Sandwhich $45

18" Hair |  TIP   $90                      Skin Left Sandwhich $60

20" Hair | TIP   $105                     Skin Left Sandwhich $75

               Hair Extension Adjustment   $200 & up

               Hair Extension Removal       $150 & UP

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